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T-Shirt Innovation

Written By Views maker on August 20, 2007 | 8/20/2007

In the 19th century the T-shirt was considered innerwear but in World War II, soldiers stationed in hot climates often wore it without any clothes on top.

This gave birth to the idea of today’s T-shirt. T-shirts were popularised by movie stars like John Wayne, Marlon Brando and James Dean.

IT'S not enough to have a slogan on the T-shirt anymore, T-shirts now come shot with real bullets. There's the T-Qualizer that has an inbuilt sound-sensitive graphic equaliser. Designers agree that the T-shirt is poised to take a new direction.

"The T-shirt is a garment that's fun to work on and that's why companies are getting innovative with it. For designers, a T-shirt is a canvas to showcase their creativity, and for the consumer, it's a personal style statement," says designer Anita Dongre.

Consumers are getting increasingly adventurous with casual wear. Consumers are willing to experiment with tees while they are very particular about the fit of jeans, for instance. The new tee trend is a bid by old brands to put some nostalgia into their pieces.

It's not all about nostalgia, though. Getting innovative with graphics or statements is one way to sell tees because they appeal to a young market. It's the youth who take these trends forward. Bullet-shot tees and the T-Qualizer would be hot sellers in the Indian market.

There's certainly a large segment willing to spend on premium casual wear. Bullet-shot tees would be snapped up faster in Delhi and Mumbai because street wear culture is much stronger there.