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Technical Advantage - china

Written By Views maker on August 25, 2007 | 8/25/2007

Chinese textile is growing to new highs. China said to make the best use of a material called poly trimethylene terephthlate, which is considered important to make fiber and fabric more soft, elastic, anti-static, durable and so on. . Global oil magnates shell Group who is producing PTT commercially has shifted PTT fiber and textiles center to China. Chinese company has already sold reasonable quantity in both domestic and international Market.

PTT was first patented in 1941, but until the 1990’s when shell chemicals developed the low cost method of producing high quality. Some of the additional features are low temperature dying, blend with other fibers, less expensive and much easier to work with spandex. Some of the aesthetic features are beautiful fluid drape; rich brilliant colour, stretch and easy care fabric.

A CORTERRA polymer combines the best properties of nylon and polyester. Compared with other synthetic fibers like nylon and acrylic, CORTERRA fibers feel softer, dye easier, retain vibrant colours longer, stretch and recover better. Very important feature is that they are resist staining, clean easily and dry quickly.