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Processing a Bamboo fabric

Written By Views maker on October 07, 2007 | 10/07/2007

Light sergeing, enzyme desizing, moderate bleaching and semi-mercerizing should be applied to the bamboo fabric during its dying and finishing process, which also avoid drastic condition and use small mechanical tension.

1. Sergeing

moderate condition

2. Desizing

should be consolidate, desizing rate should be over 80%.

3. Scouring

pure bamboo normally need no scouring, sometimes wash it with a little alkaline soap. The scouring process should be made in terms of contents blended with cotton. When pure bamboo fabrics are under scouring, the alkali should not be over 10g/liter but be applied in accordance with the thickness of fabrics.

4. Bleaching

the processing should be made in terms of the specification and thickness of fabrics.

5. Mercerizing

the fabrics are normally free of mercerizing due to their sound luster and bad anti-alkaline. However, some cases are found in order to increase their absorbance capacity to dyestuff.

6. Dying

It had better to use active dyestuff during dying process, and the alkali should not be over 20g/liter, the temperature should not over 100c. During drying process, low temperature and light tension are applied.

7. the alkali should not over 8g/l in yarn-dying,.

The above mentioned data are just for your reference, you should adjust them accordingly.


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