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Spirality of Knitted Fabrics

Written By Views maker on May 09, 2008 | 5/09/2008

Spirality depends on feed density, machine cut, and   loop shape, but the magnitude of spirality can be offset by the selection of yarn twist direction. In addition, we have shown that a reduction in yam "torque" can only partially reduce fabric spirality, but the use of plied yams and plaiting techniques may completely eliminate it. In three-end fleece fabrics, spirality can be substantially reduced by balancing the twist direction in the face and binder yams.


Way to Avoid high spirality,


1. Choose a good quality yarn and Knitting Machine.

2. Drop a needle during the knitting process (circular knitting) and use the dropped needle line in padding and compacting process as guide line to straight the grain lines.

3. Take due care at the time of cutting, cut along the grain lines.

4. Going for open width fabric is an alternate solution for controlling spirality.