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Tirupur Yarn Price

Written By Views maker on July 15, 2008 | 7/15/2008

The following are the rates from the leading spinning mill who is supplying to tirupur.

Counts carded semi combed Combed Red label
20's x Rs.119.13 Rs.126.33 x
24's x Rs.127.25 Rs.128.49 x
30's x Rs.128.83 Rs.129.75 Rs. 135.97
34's x Rs.129.90 Rs.137.01 Rs. 143.25
40's x Rs.139.90 Rs.145.33 Rs. 151.57
50's x x x Rs.175.49
60's x x x Rs. 179.65

The yarn price has increased by about 15.Rs in past few months which makes the tirupur exporters to face huge problem when it come to pricing their products.