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Demand for staple fibre machinery declined steeply

Written By Views maker on August 14, 2008 | 8/14/2008

In a global textile machinery market, which had already been weakening since the final quarter of 2007, demand for staple fibre machinery declined steeply, especially in the second quarter. Orders received fell by a massive 61% in the first-half of 2008 compared to a very strong opening six months a year ago, Rieter Textile Systems has reported. Customers in Rieter's main markets, especially Asian spinning mills, have drastically reduced or postponed capital investment in the face of a subdued business outlook - high raw material prices, full yarn inventories and a more restrictive investment policy in China.

Rieter remains convinced that the Asian textile machinery markets offer great opportunities and is therefore continuing with its expansion of manufacturing facilities in India and China, although at a slower pace in line with current market trends.