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Spirality - How to prevent in knitted fabric

Written By Views maker on August 22, 2008 | 8/22/2008

Reason for SPIRALITY-

  • Yarn twist multiple play the big role on spirality- angle of spirality decrease only when the twist multiple decreases
  • Tightness of knitting construction
  • The number of feeder in a circular knitting machine also influence the angle of spirality.

To prevent the Spirality, following points should be followed up-

  • Tight knitting is very important
  • The tightness factor should be 14 to 16 for Jersey fabric
  • Twist per inch (TPI) should be 19.2 at the spining stage itself
  • The value of twist multiple of the yarn should not be more than 3.2 (formula- TM= TPI / square root of count of yarn)
  • The loop shape factor should be 1.3 considerable
  • Proper texture & guage must be maintained
  • Grain lines must maintain straight
  • During knitting, one to three needles should be dropped to get straightline of the fabric
  • Relaxing of fabric should be made minimum of 12 hrs before cutting is started.
  • Feeding S-twist & Z-twist yarns in alternate courses reduces the spirality
  • Conditioning of Yarn before knitting in the steam....it reduces the snarling tendency of the yarn