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The Story behind Madras641

Written By Views maker on September 12, 2008 | 9/12/2008

Born in the Spring of 2007, Madras 641 Clothing is the combined effort of co-founder friends Subu and Ina.

Since the inception of the line, M641 has been widely received and is growing at an enviable rate. The M641 collection can now be found in many boutiques throughout the US, with plans to include a variety of retail websites and multi-unit retailers.

M641 is a blend of feminine and sexy, rebellious and bold. The core of each collection includes tunics, blouses, dresses and button down shirts. Supremely comfortable in 100% cotton, M641 is versatile enough to wear with high heels or flip-flops, to the office or to a club.

About Subu, Creative Director of Madras 641:

Having grown up in the garment business and thus an environment of constant stress and unavoidable tension, Subu felt strongly early on, that this was not the arena for her. However, manufacturing garments and fashion have been an integral part of Subu's upbringing. With thanks to her Mum, Dad, Aunt and Uncle she was successful at perusing other fields. But she wouldn't stay away for long.

After the encouragement of her husband who thankfully saw his wife's creative genius, Subu came to realize that she had a deep rooted interest in the business which she desperately tried to avoid all these years. It became evident that fashion was in fact, her forte`. Subu, being able to utilize her parents' apparel manufacturing powerhouse, now enjoys taking fashion and shaking it up! Subu has a remarkable ability to sprinkle innovative colors, patterns and trims onto an amazingly feminine silhouette.

But all of this just wasn't enough to build the label she dreamed of launching...

About Ina, Marketing Director of Madras 641:

Subu realized that her dear friend Ina was in fact her "yang". Ina, who hails from a non-fashion background, but that of a truly practical corporate upbringing manages the Sales and Marketing aspects of the label. Ina draws on her experiences of having lived in New York. Being self-assured and fashion forward, she brings to the table the ability to creatively build the brand. It has been Ina's philosophy to steer the label far from the spectacles of the many runways and to launch the brand with little to no advertising. Ina's trademark ability to create a buzz has reigned supreme in web and word of mouth marketing. She is keen on partnering with folks in the industry and has a unique sense of identifying opportunities for M641. An unapologetic romantic, Ina sees extreme potential in that which is quintessentially M641.

And thus was born Madras 641. The label is now the partners' full time enterprise and is a business dedicated to making fashion personal. Every design in each Collection brings elements inspired by each of these women's differences, joys, passions, and cultures. M641 is a true blend of fashion and friendship.