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Network Clothing company

Written By Views maker on December 31, 2008 | 12/31/2008

NCC is one of the better and professionally managed companies in Tirupur. Believing in SYSTEMS, is the key to NCC's success.  The company is very organised with a professional CEO, CFO, COO (fabric) and COO (merchandising). The company also have a Industrial Engineering department, such department a very new to Tirupur companies.

NCC has very carefully devised plans in such a way that they don't create dependency either on Buyer or on style. They allocate about only 10% - 20% for a buyer and they choose buyers in such a way that they represent various parts of the world. NCC with help of its industrial engineering they are able to arrive at accurate costing. They also work on low margins & working with zero profits for feeding factory  but they carefully plan so that they don't any thing at the end. Currently they incur about Rs.3 / SAM.