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Line Balancing

Written By Views maker on January 01, 2009 | 1/01/2009

The line balance is scientific tool to improve productivity. There is a web site called which does line balancing for you.

How This Helps

* To give authentic response to Buyer on Production Schedule.
* Per Operator Target-fixing and Trackability every 2 hours.
* Eliminates trial & error delay for balancing during Style change.
* Objective, Scientific, Human-independent Line Balance Solution.
* Points out Bottleneck Operators.

What This Does

Simultaneously optimises the following objectives :
    * Maximise Number of Garments Per Hour
    * Minimise Number of Operators & Machines
    * Maximise Efficiency of Operators & Machines
    * Minimises Multi-tasking of Operators
  Offers many diverse optimal Solutions to choose from.