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US Fall fashion trends

Written By Views maker on July 23, 2009 | 7/23/2009


  1. Neon Pink- the pink hue works on all skin tones. Splurge on a hot pink coat or dress, or one or two acid-bright accessories. With a color this vibrant, you only need a little dab.
  2. Over the knee boots- these boots will work with a short dress or with skinny jeans.
  3. One shoulder dresses- the one strap cuts draw attention to the shoul;der and the face so wear one with a big smile!
  4. Leather Pants- ditch the dark jeans and slip into a dark pair of leather pants. The new styles fit close to the body and seem to magically erase five pounds.
  5. Big shoulder jackets- try one of fall's 80's inspired jackets. A little volume at the shoulders can make your posture seem stronger and slims the waist.
  6. The edgy LBD- designers looked toward the future with sleek cutouts and body hugging silhouettes tha brought these black dresses to a modern edgy feel.
  7. Short velvet dresses- short velvet dresses are cozy and chic plus you can't get much more of a soft texture than velvet.
  8. Sequins for day- designers are pilling comfy layers over sequined shirts and dresses which create a low-key yet glamorous look that would work 365 days a year.