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Levi Strauss looking for ethical cotton

Written By Views maker on January 29, 2010 | 1/29/2010

 image Levi Strauss & Co. is trying to weave accountability throughout its supply chain. The first step is a pilot program now under way for a new kind of certification that, if successful, will allow Levi to say where its cotton comes from. That would be a first in the apparel industry and a necessary initial step to being able to say definitively that cotton is sustainably and ethically sourced.

Levi Strauss is working on a pilot program to locate the source of cotton used in its clothing, and eventually determine if the cotton was sustainably and ethically sourced, reports the San Francisco Business Times. Levi purchases materials from about 150 different textile mills, and each of those mills buys cotton from multiple sources, Anderson said. Still, the company is investing in a pilot with Historic Futures to trace the cotton supply chain, from growing to gins to fabric mills and on up to factories. If the pilot is successful, Levi will be able to provide a certificate of sustainably-sourced denim with each pair of jeans sold under the program, according to the article.

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