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Ganesh Polytex, Interesting business model of waste management

Written By Views maker on February 02, 2010 | 2/02/2010

Ganesh Polytex is one of the leading manufacturers of Recycled/ Speciality Polyester Staple Fibre (Fibrefill) in India through recycling of post-consumer pet bottle waste. The company has a capacity to produce 39,600 tonnes per annum (tpa) of Recycled Polyester Stale fibre, which is next only to Reliance Industries limited's annual production capacity of 42000 tpa. The Company's business model is interesting as it is transforming post-consumer pet bottle waste (which is otherwise hazardous for environment being non bio-degradable in nature) back again into environmental friendly, hygiene, and comfortable fibres helping industrial users to manage quality nice and meanwhile save better. Besides procuring the Waste from vendors, the company has set up its own procurement centres in different cities to insulate itself from raw material shortage as well as price fluctuations. Finished product finds application for spinning of yarn, stuffing in toys and other life style products like pillows, quilts, mattresses and furniture, non-woven carpets and fabrics, medical & packaging textile, geo textile, fur fabrics, construction and paper industry and other technical textile. Recycled PSF replaces 100% virgin PSF in textile sector due to its most distinctive advantage of cost-effectiveness and it replaces Foam, Cotton, P.P. fibre etc. in other industrial sectors due to its durability, comforts and hygienic characteristics besides cost-effectiveness. GPL product range includes low-end basic segment to mid and high-end premium segment.