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Highlights of Indian Textile ministers speech During his current European visit

Written By Views maker on February 02, 2010 | 2/02/2010

"Come, come, come and make money," Maran told textile industry executives, adding: "Come to India, produce in India, sell in India, make money in India."

Maran, who visited Switzerland, Italy and Turkey before arriving in France, said India was a safer bet for investors than China. "We want to ensure that India has good quality products, that copyright is protected, so that investors prefer India to China or other countries," "We want to ensure that more investment comes to India, not to take your business," he said. India's textile industry made an estimated 62 billion dollars in sales in 2008-2009, with 35 per cent of them in exports. More than 30 per cent of exports go to European Union countries and another 20 per cent to the United States.The Indian textiles minister forecast a fourfold increase in exports in the next 25 years, from 22 billion dollars to 90 billion dollars.