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Thinking of self employment - Banana fibre extraction

Written By Views maker on October 18, 2010 | 10/18/2010

Are you a candidate thinking of starting a new business ? here is a project that seems to good.  Banana fiber is a multiple celled structure. The lumens are large in relation to the wall thickness. Cross markings are rare and fiber tips pointed and flat, ribbon like individual fiber diameter range from 14 to 50 microns and the length from 0.25 cm to 1.3 cm, showing the large oval to round lumen. Banana fiber is a natural fiber with high strength, which can be blended easily with cotton fiber or other synthetic fibers to produce blended fabric & textiles. It is mainly used by cottage industry in Southern India at present. Banana Fiber also finds use in high quality security/ currency paper, packing cloth for agriculture produce, ships towing ropes, wet drilling cables etc.

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