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A proposal to let out 2100 TDS content water

Written By Views maker on February 03, 2011 | 2/03/2011

There has been an proposal to let out water with a permitted level of 2100 TDS level into the noyyal river. This proposal is after a committee of Exporter meeting at  Tirupur exporters association office. Proposal is a measure to buy time. This no permanent solution to the problem. Associations at tirupur simply refuses to look at a permanent solution. Another question on the proposal is that , will this be legally acceptable argument in the court of law? I certainly think that this will not be accepted by the court for a simple reasons,

  1. There needs to be a monitoring committee constantly report on the TDS levels.
  2. What is the guarantee that water will contain 2100 or lesser TDS.
  3. It will lead to fresh litigation when exceeds the allowed TDS limits.

On looking the way the things are moving forward there will literally be very little solution to the problem in the short term.


flourish said...

2100 TDS limit has already been accepted at other places. So Tirupur companies should also push for this as the immediate solution.
Going forward Companies shall work together with the govt to improve on this

N.Mayilsamy said...

yes, it's supreme court direction and seems to be a immediate solution. In this case let us assume that tomorrow the court accepts the 2100 TDS level. If the farmer find that the river water contains a TDS level much higher than 2100 TDS level, they will again file a contempt case in the court. In tirupur there is considerable amount of illegal dyeing units and sewage water is also discharged in to the river so it will be difficult to keep the water at a specified or near about TDS levels (of 2100 TDS).

In places like erode, salem etc zero discharge is not mandatory but they should stick to 2100 tds level but very recent the farmers have filed a suit and quite number of units are closed. so there is a long way forward to reach at a permanent solution.