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Tripartite talks on Tirupur dyeing problem

Written By Views maker on May 30, 2011 | 5/30/2011

Newly formed Tamilnadu government yesterday ( 30 - 05 - 2011) held a tripartite talks on the Tirupur Dyeing pollution problem. The parties to the meeting was from the Tirupur industrial association, Farmers association

and the government representatives. No decision was reached during the talks, government has proposed further talks to be held in the immediate future to resolve the dyeing pollution problem. It's believed that the farmers association have insisted on implementing the court order. wait is still on for a solution on tirupur dyeing pollution problem.


How long will it take to reach a solution

We believe that solution could be reached but the time for that would take at least or minimum of six months. The first step is to reach a consensus among the farmers and the industrial association. It seems like that the farmers association would not given in easy so we expect a lot of time to be consumed in talks to get the farmers association agree to a solution, then the next step would be to appeal to the court of law. so on the whole both the process would at least take six months from now.