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Luxicool yarn

Written By Views maker on June 30, 2011 | 6/30/2011

Luxicool® is a brand new cooling yarn developed and produced by Luxilon Industries NV of Belgium. The yarn is registered as a trade mark and patented.

The cooling efficiency is generated by a dual effect: 
• excellent thermal conductivity of the polymer
• accelerated evaporation of moisture due to the specific polymer construction

The yarn is a monofilament with natural colour and following available counts : 
• 50 den (55 dtex)
• 70 den (77 dtex)
• 100 den (110 dtex)


Temperature control for sport applications
New opportunities for medical applications :
• fever control
• improved comfort for hospital beds for long term patients
• improved comfort during long term use of orthopaedic bandages
• improved comfort during burn wound treatment

Improved comfort for work wear and military wear. 
Applicable in 3D spacer fabrics: under other clothing or layers.


Due to its particular polymer structure it is advised not to exceed 120°C during the use of Luxicool® as yarn or in a fabric. Special surface treatments such as dyeing and coating are not recommended and might influence the cooling effect. Using predyed yarns is here a possible solution.