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Fasting to draw attention of the government on Tirupur pollution problem

Written By Views maker on July 18, 2011 | 7/18/2011

The new government has promised to resolve the dyeing pollution problem but so far very little has been done. It’s evident and matter of fact that many small units have disappeared and many more would eventually be wiped out if there is no solution for the dyeing problem with in six months from now. Tomorrow there would be a fasting in tirupur to seeking the government’s attention on the pollution problem.

Little Progress 

The progress toward the solution is too little and many have began to lose faith on the government. The new textile ministry has helped to constitute a committee yesterday. The committee consist of government representatives and representatives from the tirupur dyeing units, headed by textile secretary. One common plant has been approved on trail basis  but this is too little do to resolve the existing problem. a lot more is expected  and also at a much faster pace.