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Pakistan’s Textile exports up 35% during 2010-11

Written By Views maker on July 21, 2011 | 7/21/2011

The textile exports surge by 35.06 percent during the fiscal year 2010-11 as compared to the exports of 2009-10, Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) reported.

The textile exports during July-June (2010-11) stood at $ 13.805 billion against the exports of $10.221 billion during July-June (2009-10), according to FBS provisional figures.

The textile exports that contributed towards positive growth included cotton yarn, exports of which grew from $ 1.433 billion last year to $2.184 in 2010-11, showing an increase of 52.50 percent.

Similarly, exports of raw cotton increased from $195.598 million in 2009-10 to $359.807 in 2010-11, showing an increase of 83.95 percent.

Exports of cotton yarn and cotton carded or combed increased by 42.30 percent and 50.01 percent respectively. The cotton cloths exports increased from $1.8 billion to $2.56 billion where as the exports of cotton carded or combed grew from $20.356 million to $30.537 million.

Exports of knitwear, bed wear and towels increased by 30.93 percent, 19.56 percent and 14.45 percent respectively while the exports of ready made garments increased by 39.73 percent, art, silk and synthetic textile by 50.42 percent made-up articles (excluding towels and bed wear) by 16.64 percent while the exports of other textile commodities grey by 36.37 percent during the period.

The only product that witnessed negative growth in exports during 2010-11 was tents, canvas and tarpaulin, exports of which fell by 20.74 percent.

The textile exports during June 2011 surged by 44.56 percent and 4.9 percent as compared to June 2010 and May 2011.

Meanwhile, the exports of food group increased by 36.46 percent during July-June (2010-11) as compared to the exports of July-June (2009-1), the figures revealed.