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Telangana strike affects Surat Textile industry

Written By Views maker on July 07, 2011 | 7/07/2011

Synthetic textile units temporarily cut production by 25 per cent. The ongoing Telangana crisis in Andhra Pradesh seems to have taken its toll on the synthetic textiles makers of Surat in Gujarat as their consignments to this troubled region have come to a standstill. This has forced them to temporarily cut down their production by at least 25 per cent. The merchant manufacturers (traders) from Surat, who manufacture and supply synthetic sarees and dress materials to Andhra Pradesh, have started receiving cancellation of orders due to ongoing stir. Andhra Pradesh is one of the key markets for the Surat-based synthetic textiles industry with a share of not less than seven per cent of the Indian market.  "At least 30 trucks carrying synthetic textile consignments ply to Andhra Pradesh on a daily basis. The trouble in that state has disrupted the supplies and our trucks are not able to deliver goods to the addressees mainly in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, which are surrounded with the unrest," said Yuvraj Desale, president, Surat Textile Goods Transport Association (STGTA).