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how to make a vegetable dyeing - part I

Written By Views maker on October 17, 2008 | 10/17/2008

# Chop banana skins into small pieces.
# Cover them with water and let the mixture sit for a few days in a warm location, stirring the mixture each day.
# The mixture will get a bit smelly, so it is best to store it outside,... covered. You can add some baking soda and sugar to the mixture.
# Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth or nylons stocking to remove the pulp.
# Add the liquid to a dyepot filled with water. Simmer for x-about an hour.
# Add clean, premordanted wool to the dyepot.
# Simmer for an hour or until sufficient colour is obtained.
# Allow the dyepot to cool. Then remove the dyed wool.
# Rinse and let dry.