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Non-wovens in India

Written By Views maker on October 17, 2008 | 10/17/2008

Ginni Filaments Ltd is a textile manufacturer which produces a non-woven based fabric. This revolutionary fabric is made in a Gujarat plant and is exported primarily to the United States and Europe. The material has been used in a number of clothing applications including uniforms, and the newest application is for medical supplies like surgical masks. Historically, the company has been making fabric for companies such as JC Penney Co. and the Benetton Group SpA. Eventually the company hopes a .. large amount of their production will be sold within India rather than being exported.

What many people don’t know is that textiles are being used for a number of purposes that extend far beyond clothing. For example, textiles are used to make material to reinforce banks along rivers or to make tea bags. Other industries taking an interest in this fabric are agriculture and plant manufacturing operations. The textile can be used to reinforce wheels or conveyor belts and is used for a number of agricultural reasons.

The India company SRF and Neo Corp. have been expanding their textile operations by purchasing foreign companies. Neo Corp. bouth Euro Plast Ltd which is based in the UK. SRF bought Thai Baroda Industries Ltd and South African Industrial Technical Textiles (Pty) Ltd.

The growth of non-woven fabric uses has been phenomenal. There are now many companies pursuing non-woven textile applications, because apparently there are unlimited uses. For example, Ahlstrom Corp., a Finnish company, is building a new plant which will produce non-woven fabric. The material is going to be used primarily in medical clothing and supplies.

Over time it is expected. there will be many more uses for non-woven fabric.