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Groz-Beckert focuses on Technical textiles

Written By Views maker on August 18, 2009 | 8/18/2009

image Technical textiles are becoming increasingly important for the company. According to Groz-Beckert, in 1985 technical textiles accounted for a mere 5 to 8 percent share of global production and today that figure is 40 percent. The company says it is therefore making an intense commitment to this future sector and the main focus is on continuing to develop its position as a comprehensive systems supplier along the value-added chain and to therefore become a motor of progress in the textile industry.

As a system supplier and service provider, Groz-Beckert says it positions itself to meet the demand of today's market with new, innovative solutions. A further milestone in the direction of system supplier is the production and the sales of cylinders, sinker rings and dials of high quality for circular knitting machines under the Groz-Beckert brand name.