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C&A Re-Confirms it's commitment to Organic Cotton Clothing

Written By Views maker on January 27, 2010 | 1/27/2010

image The major high street organic clothing retailer have said in a statement issued in eco textile news that "C&A remains committed to being one of the leading textile retailers in the market for organic clothing," as they continue to believe that "a growing number of our customers are interested not just in up to date fashion that offers value for money. "The high demand for textiles made from organic cotton also shows the customers' high regard for a sustainable quality of textiles as well as a sustainable development in the cotton growing industry."
This commitment comes following the claims made in the German Financial Times about contamination of Organic Cotton with Genetically Modified Strains. C&A also revealed that it was currently undertaking an in-depth investigation into the allegations made in the paper."We have contacted the certifying authorities and are actively investigating the validity of the details of the report. We will conduct an immediate in-depth-investigation on site in India," the company said.
Certified standards for organic or 'Bio-Cotton' as it is known in certain European markets require that no genetically modified cotton seeds are used in its cultivation. "Accredited certification agencies have the responsibility to ensure that this is the case," concluded C&A . The investigation continues, it is likely that the accrediting bodies will be coming under fire with much pressure from retailers globally to ensure that the matter is in hand.


Annie Robertson said...

Using organic cotton prevents insecticides and pesticides from being sprayed in the air which saves our atmosphere.
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