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What could be the way out for Tirupur dyeing units

Written By Views maker on January 31, 2011 | 1/31/2011

image The dyeing units association have so far been careless working without unity and lacked leadership to tackle a very sensitive issue of environmental pollution.  now that every one is cornered, what is the way out. one has to analysis whether the facts presented before the court was well structure and properly presented, some personally believe that the case could have been presented in much more sensible and effective manner, there could still be some legal way out. Here are the possible way forward for the tirupur dyeing units.

  • shift the dyeing unit to other locations.
  • try to develop natural dyeing methods . example http://www.auroville.org
  • Make necessary arrangement for zero discharge and work as per standards and charge more form the customers.
  • could drag the tirupur municipality in to the case, allege them of polluting the river by letting sewage water in to the river. since they also pollute the river, only one party (dyers) cannot be blamed. until the municipality comes up the pollution treatment plant, the tirupur dyeing units should also be given a chance to improve treatment plant. this can be only used to purchase more time and no permanent solution.
  • If zero discharge is not at all possible, then drag other dyeing units which are located other than Tirupur, who claim zero discharge but in actual they don't do it. Make the issue under art. 14 of the constitution of India on the basis of equal applicability of law for all dyeing unit. by doing this the problem will spread to entire tamilnadu and government will be forced to come up with real solutions.