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Need for Fibre Policy

Written By Views maker on June 13, 2011 | 6/13/2011

Various stakeholders in the cotton and textiles industry always seem to be at loggerheads especially when it comes to export of raw cotton or yarn and the India Government who plays the role of the referee sometimes have to take decision to suspend or allow exports which creates resentment in one section of the industry. The decision to allow export of an additional one million bales of cotton this year by the government has not gone down well with the exporters, who termed it too little and too late. In December 2010, when yarn exports were suspended it let to protests from yarn makers. Despite all this turmoil in the Indian cotton industry, TT Ltd, an integrated textiles company has posted an impressive 275% growth annual profits for 2010-11 and continues to move ahead with a Rs 150 cr expansion plan which will make them exit from low value ginning to higher investments in garments, yarn and branded apparel.

At the helm of TT Ltd is 42- year old Sanjay Kumar Jain,Managing Director, a topper at IIM Ahmedabad and  < Read the full article at commodity online >